Flat:  A flat finish is a great way to hide wall and surface imperfections. Flat paint is great for home sellers.  However, flat paint is not durable.  Flat paint cannot be washed and is easily marked.

Eggshell:  Eggshell is the most recommended paint finish for walls.  It has about the same shine as an actual eggshell.  Eggshell finish is a good balance between durability and appearance.

Satin:  Satin Paint is slightly more durable than eggshell with the same characteristics.  Satin finish is recommended for higher traffic areas or areas where there will be kids.

Semi Gloss:  Semi gloss finish is suggested for painting trim, painting doors, crown moldings and Wainscoting.  Semi gloss paint is very durable and washable but it will show most surface imperfections.

Gloss:  Gloss paint has the same characteristics as semi glass paint.  Gloss paint is mostly recommended for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

High Gloss:  High Gloss paint is only recommended for blemish free surfaces.