When prepping your home for exterior painting, the first thing you must consider is the age of the home.  It must be established if your exterior paint contains lead paint.  Homes painted before 1978 may contain lead and must be treated according to local and environmental laws to prevent contamination and exposure to children.

Secondly, you must determine if your home’s exterior will accommodate painting equipment such as scaffolding, ladders, sprayers, trucks and buckets.  Be sure to take special precaution around exterior wires as they may be a hazard.

Prepare your homes exterior surface.  It’s important to make sure the surface to be painted in free of dirt, paint chips, mold etc.  Take the time to scrape, sand and power wash your home before applying a fresh coat of tinted primer.

At BuildSimple, we take special care of your landscaping.  We gather and cover shrubs to protect them from damage during the power washing and paint of your homes exterior